Don’t risk travelling during bad weather – use video conferencing

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weather warnings issued across uk, snow


People across the Country woke up this morning to what seems like a winter wonderland outside. Unfortunately, for businesses that are being negatively affected by this onslaught of snowy weather, times do not seem so wondrous. Staff punctuality finds itself massively reduced today, as weather restrictions make it extremely difficult for people to travel to work. Weather warnings across the UK support the claim that workers should remain safe at home, rather than battling the blizzards and making their way into the office.

However, businesses that offer video conferencing and remote working capabilities to their workers are succeeding during these times of perilous weather, whilst others who have not utilised this enhanced form of communication are left out of pocket. Having the flexibility to offer remote working for your workforce increases productivity, morale and profits, especially at times when disastrous weather conditions barricade people within their homes.

67% of managers agree that employees who work remotely increase their overall productivity, and 82% of telecommuters reported lower stress levels, according to a recent study. In this technological age, there are more tools available for staff members to remain connected, such as IM and video conferencing. Recent studies show that 87% of remote workers feel more connected using video conferencing. This is because video conferencing has revolutionised the world of technology, offering businesses a new dynamic platform to communicate with customers and fellow employees.

Don’t allow the weather conditions to rain on your parade. Contact Questmark to find out more on how you can benefit from structured meetings, improved communications and flexibility by using video conferencing. Questmark have a dedicated team with a wealth of experience of helping businesses utilise video conferencing to their advantage.


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Don’t risk travelling…use video instead!

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