National Apprenticeship Week

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national apprenticeship week
Author: Brett Shaw

This week (5th – 9th March) the nation celebrates the 11th annual National Apprenticeship Week. Employers and apprentices will combine, to show their congratulations to the Country’s young generation that have successfully collaborated with their employers. With this success, the nation will encourage more youngsters to undertake an apprenticeship scheme as the new generation of workers transmute into the backbone of our society.

The theme this years’ celebration is ‘Apprenticeships work’. And a celebration of our new generation wouldn’t be complete without a trending hashtag taking over social media, as people are taking to twitter with #NAW2018.

Apprenticeships work for individuals, employers, the community and the wider economy. Questmark understands that to be successful you must be forward thinking. Over the years we have celebrated the success of several of our graduated apprentices, many of which are now working as full-time members of the Questmark family. We are therefore excited to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week with the nation, our customers and our current young talented apprentices that we are proud to support.

And to show our support, we have been proactively asking our current apprentices, and our newly graduated apprentices, questions that inhabit the heart of our nation.  We are excited to showcase to you all their answers and their advice to all youngsters who are considering an apprenticeship in IT.

We have capsulated a series of pivotal questions that were put towards Questmark’s finest apprentices. Scroll down to find out their answers;

Questmark questioned our apprentice in the support team:

What were the key reasons behind beginning an apprenticeship?

“I wanted to begin an apprenticeship as I wanted to do my learning in a workplace, rather than learning at college where you don’t get the same experience. Doing it here has benefited me greatly, as I now have knowledge of what working for a technical organisation is like.”

How did you decide on doing an apprenticeship (instead of other avenues) and why an apprenticeship in IT?

“I didn’t start off my college education in an apprenticeship. I was at college full time doing engineering, however I knew that this was not the correct choice for me. After talking to my friend, who was in an IT apprenticeship, I wanted to try it out, as it sounded like it was a better idea. I have always enjoyed IT, so I knew that if I did go ahead with an apprenticeship in this field I would enjoy it.”

How do you feel your apprenticeship is going so far?

“So far, I am extremely happy with how my apprenticeship is going. I have met so many kind people and I enjoy my work. It’s a great feeling when you know you have made the correct decision.”

 Do you wish to stay in this industry now you have begun your apprenticeship? And why?

“Now that I know more about technical organisations from my apprenticeship, I would happily remain in the industry as there is always something that interests me, and it’s great that there are opportunities for people like me, who are maybe unsure of what is the next step for them after school.”

 What would your ideal job role be within this industry? Or in any industry?

“My Ideal job role in this industry would be either, being on service desk helping people or technical support. I enjoy both areas and have been able to experience both.”


Questmark questioned our apprentice in the sales team:

How did you come about entering an apprenticeship within Questmark?

 “I did this through Aspire Achieve Advance (AAA) apprenticeship scheme.”

What are the main positives of doing an apprenticeship in Questmark?

“The opportunity to learn on the job from colleagues and gain a qualification at the end of it.”

Who has been influential so far in your apprenticeship experience within Questmark?

“All my colleagues who are helping me to learn my role.”

Who or what are your main aspirations in life?

“To be successful in my job role.”

What would you say to someone who is considering an apprenticeship within Questmark?

“Go for it! Great colleagues, positive team spirit and everyone is willing to help.”


It’s always a proud moment for a business when an apprentice has utilised the training available and successfully graduates into a full-time member of the team. Questmark are lucky enough to have trained several apprentices in the past. It’s great to hear from two of those passionate individuals who are making the most of their opportunity.

Questmark are grateful to stand together with individuals, local communities, stakeholders and businesses nationwide, to perpetuate the success of apprenticeships and support National Apprenticeship Week 2018.