Secure Video Conferencing Solutions

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Secured Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing within healthcare

Security is a priority for most businesses, and with GDPR around the corner, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have the most secure systems in place.

Video conferencing solutions are becoming increasingly popular and an integral part to organisations improving their communication methods, productivity and efficiency. However, are you confident the solution you’re using is actually secure? Does it have appropriate security measures in place? Do your meetings stay private and confidential?

After May 25th 2018, a data breach could result in huge fines (up to 4% annual turnover or €20 million), damaged reputation, and potentially even result in going out of business.

Make your video conferencing one less thing to worry about by choosing a secure solution.


Are you confident the solution you’re using is secure?

Providing a secure solution is a priority for Questmark. We commit to providing the most reliable and secure video services and take all appropriate measures to ensure the integrity, continuity and availability of the services we provide. We have a range of security measures in place which are backed by our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditations, you can see all of our security measures here. 

With Questmark, you don’t have to worry about your GDPR compliance for video conferencing. All of our staff undergo background checks and security training, all changes and updates to our platform are managed through our change control process, our services are located within top tier data centers in the United Kingdom ensuring your data stays here and secure, we also deploy a variety of tools to ensure servers and applications are on the latest and most secure versions and undertake pen testing and vulnerability testing of our systems and services.

We also never record or track your calls so you can be confident your meetings stay private and confidential.

Find more information on our security statement here.


If you’re interested in our secure video conferencing solutions, you can speak to one of our experts on 0330 300 0000 or