Digital Health Transformations

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According to an article by Dr Indra Joshi, on the NHS website, the global market for digital health is expected to reach almost £43 billion during 2018 and £408 billion by 2025. The most promising market for growth is mobile health with sales of apps and wearables predicted to increase by 35 per cent in the UK during 2018. As … Read More

Teleconsultations will be the norm within a decade

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According to Genetist Dr Eric Topol, the man leading a review of NHS technology, teleconsultations with doctors could become more common than seeing a physician in person within a decade. Dr Topol stated that remote monitoring on health conditions, virtual consultations, and telemedicine is likely to become the ‘norm’ within the next 10 years, and predicts it won’t be long … Read More

Benefits of Video Conferencing for SME’s

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No matter what market an organisation works within, reliable communication solutions between staff, partners and clients is vital. Why waste time and money travelling to and from meetings, when you can conduct them over video without having to leave your office? By utilising video conferencing solutions you can save time and money whilst also boosting your productivity and availability. Flexible … Read More