Teleconsultations will be the norm within a decade

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According to Genetist Dr Eric Topol, the man leading a review of NHS technology, teleconsultations with doctors could become more common than seeing a physician in person within a decade.

Dr Topol stated that remote monitoring on health conditions, virtual consultations, and telemedicine is likely to become the ‘norm’ within the next 10 years, and predicts it won’t be long before they outnumber face-to-face consultations.

In July he will continue to look at how the NHS can best utilise and embrace modern treatments, innovation and technology. He said the workforce will need to be trained and be willing to change to best make use of technology, and as artificial intelligent continues to advance, it could eventually take on some of the role performed by doctors and scientists.
A full final report will be submitted by the review team before the end of the year.


Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt said he was “delighted that Dr Topol is kicking off this review – ensuring the NHS is as the forefront of life-saving, life-changing care across the globe for decades to come.”
He also went on to talk about how we constantly hear about exciting new advances and developments surfacing in the NHS which can help provide answers to some of our greatest challenges such as chronic illness or cancer, stating: “These give us a glimpse of what the future of the whole NHS could be, which is why in the year of the NHS’ 70th birthday I want to empower staff to offer patients modern healthcare more widely and more quickly.”
The NHS is under immense pressure due to an ageing population, cuts to budgets, staff shortages, and the public’s lifestyle choices and a number of factors have made it difficult for the NHS to advance into the digital age. By embracing these technologies, the whole system can eventually run more efficiently by reducing waiting times, reducing patient visits, reduced spread of infectious illness, greater access to medical training and experts all over the world etc.


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