Benefits of Telemedicine For Patients

Matt HoltonHealthcare

Telemedicine is a growing sector in the UK, supported by Transparency Market Research predicting the industry to be worth £26 billion by 2020.

Video appointments with physicians is something we will see become increasingly popular over the next few years. You may already be able to book appointments online, as well as have an appointment with your doctor over the phone. While phone call consultations are useful, video has an array of additional benefits, particularly for patients.

Benefits of video conferencing for patients

  • Shorter waiting times. Sometimes patients have to wait weeks for an appointment, with video conferencing abilities, people could speak to a doctor within hours.
  • Reduce exposure to further infections/viruses. If patients are spending long periods of time in a waiting room amongst people who might have all sorts of diseases, anyone present may contract an illness.
  • Remote monitoring. People with conditions such as heart disease or diabetes require routine monitoring from healthcare providers. Telemedicine technologies can now be used to monitor patients from their home and check on things such as sugar levels and blood pressure. As this can be done remotely it results in less in-person visits which can be costly and difficult for people if the have limited access to transportation, mobility problems etc.
  • Accessibility – people with limited access to transport or who live in rural areas can find it difficult and expensive to attend appointments at GP’s or Hospitals. It can also be challenging for those who might have an injury, are feeling too unwell, don’t want to take time off work, or are travelling. Telemedicine allows people access to healthcare professionals from wherever they are.
  • Patients may feel more comfortable talking to a physician from the comfort of their home. The more comfortable they feel the more likely they are to open up and be honest with a doctor about their needs and problems.


By utilising Telemedicine abilities, the NHS can give patients much better access to healthcare professionals, reduce waiting times, reduce exposure to infections and monitor patients from their home. While telemedicine can’t fully replace visiting a GP in person, it can certainly help reduce pressure on the NHS and is much more beneficial than phone call consultations.

With Questmark you can also be confident your appointments are secure. We have various encryption methods and role based authentication to keep your meetings as secure as possible. And with our ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and various other security measures/accreditations you can give yourself the reassurance you need. (View our security policies and procedures here).

Our solutions help the NHS to transform the development and delivery of care to many vulnerable patients in their homes and in the community, as well as providing support for carers and allied health professionals.

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