Questmark win Collaboration with the NHS award!

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Medilink East Midlands Business Awards

The awards night was held at The Nottingham Belfry on Wednesday 13th June. Fifteen of the best Life Sciences companies from across the East Midlands have been shortlisted and Questmark were thrilled to have made the finalists and won the ‘Collaboration with the NHS’ award!

The business awards celebrate the achievements, breakthroughs and innovations of companies operating or moving into the healthcare, med tech or bioscience sector.

Medilink Award

Children’s Heart Beat Trust

Video conferencing is increasingly being used within healthcare for a variety of different purposes, whether it’s in a Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting (MDT), for a check-up with an outpatient or for a cross site trust meeting. We’ve been providing the NHS with equipment and support throughout the growth of the telemedicine industry, taking them from the design stage through to ongoing support following deployment. Even on occasions helping organisations apply for funding.

Our success with the Children’s Heartbeat Trust and Clark Clinic at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children has proved that video conferencing can provide major assistance in the post-operative care and monitoring of patients, in this instance for babies and small children with major congenial heart conditions.

Following a three-year Home Care Project by the Paediatric Cardiology Department of the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, and a two-year, £130,000 grant from the Department of Health as part of its telecare programme, the project has become a fully-funded service available throughout Northern Ireland.

By placing video conferencing systems in the patients’ homes, doctors at the hospital have been able to monitor those patients without regular admittance to other medical facilities.

Since the implementation of the services, thousands of patients have been involved in the project with over 30 currently being treated. The new facilities and the expansion ensure that every family in Northern Ireland that has a child whom would benefit from this type of post-operative care, can now be offered the service.

With greater availability of video conferencing terminals, the units are now able to be left in the home for between 4-5 months rather than the 10-11 weeks of the trial. This means that families can stay together longer, and at home, whilst still getting the care they need from their paediatrician.



We’re very proud to achieved this award and to be able to share our work with telemedicine and the NHS. Telemedicine and video appointments with physicians is something we will see become increasingly popular over the next few years, particularly as more CCG’s and Trusts develop their Digital Health Transformation plans. You can read more about the benefits of Telemedicine here.