Benefits of Telemedicine For Physicians

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Benefits of telemedicine for physicians

Video conferencing/ Teleconsultation solutions are being utilised more and more frequently as healthcare professionals become increasingly aware of their benefits. Whether the systems are used for outpatient check-ups, remotely supporting patients with physiotherapy, consultations, a multi-disciplinary team meeting, or a cross site trust meeting, video can enhance your communication and collaboration abilities.

There’s many benefits telemedicine can bring for physicians including; seeing higher volumes of patients, having more flexible schedules, reducing the number of missed appointments and more. Telemedicine is something we will see become increasingly popular over the next few years, in fact Transparency Market Research predicts the industry to be worth £26 billion by 2020.

Benefits of video conferencing for physicians

  • You can connect with specialists all over the world quickly and easily, without having to leave your office.
  • Physicians need to keep up to date with training and education, however it isn’t always cheap and they lose vital time that could be spent with patients. By using video technology, physicians can attend training sessions remotely. Medical students and physicians can also observe and record surgeries from anywhere.
  • In an industry as busy as healthcare it can be difficult to find time to get everyone together for multidisciplinary team meetings, cross site trust meetings etc. By utilising video conferencing, you can attend these meetings from anywhere, over any device.
  • Video conferencing gives you the ability to share your screen, share documents, and present to each other, making it as easy to share test results, knowledge and discuss treatment plans as it is in person.
  • Teleconsultations can help cut the costs incurred when patients don’t turn up to appointments. The Independent reported that missed appointments cost the NHS £1 billion in 2017 alone. With on demand teleconsultations, this would no longer be an issue. If a patient doesn’t turn up, the doctor simply moves onto the next patient in a virtual queue.
  • Improve patient care by reducing waiting times. No longer will people have to wait days, or even weeks, for an appointment, they can book an appointment at the push of a button and speak to someone within hours.
  • Check on outpatients remotely, discuss treatment or any concerns they have, preventing any unnecessary GP visits or hospital admissions.


With Questmark you can also be confident your appointments are secure. We have various encryption methods and role based authentication to keep your meetings as secure as possible. And with our ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and various other security measures/accreditations you can give yourself the reassurance you need. (View our security policies and procedures here).

Our solutions help the NHS to transform the development and delivery of care to many vulnerable patients in their homes and in the community, as well as providing support for carers and allied health professionals.

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Benefits of Telemedicine for patients

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