Digital Leaders Week 2018

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This week is the UK’s 2nd Digital Leaders Week. Digital Leaders is the global initiative to promote digital transformation, the week raises awareness of the opportunities in place to support transformation through innovation, skills and experience across the technology sector.

NHS and Digital Transformation

Video conferencing/ Telemedicine solutions are being utilised more and more frequently as healthcare professionals become increasingly aware of their benefits. According to Genetist Dr Eric Topol, the man leading a review of NHS technology, teleconsultations with doctors could become more common than seeing a physician in person within a decade.

Dr Topol stated that remote monitoring on health conditions, virtual consultations, and telemedicine is likely to become the ‘norm’ within the next 10 years, and predicts it won’t be long before they outnumber face-to-face consultations.

Many Clinical Commissioning Groups have a digital transformation plan, with the vast majority looking to implement video conferencing abilities over the next 3-5 years. By embracing these technologies, the whole system can eventually run more efficiently by reducing waiting times, reducing patient visits, reduced spread of infectious illness and greater access to medical training and specialists all over the world etc.


Questmark create solutions to help the NHS to transform the development and delivery of care to many vulnerable patients in their homes and in the community, as well as providing support for carers and allied health professionals.

Whether the systems are used for outpatient check-ups, remotely supporting patients with physiotherapy, consultations, a multi-disciplinary team meeting, or a cross site trust meeting, video can enhance your communication and collaboration abilities.

Our work with the NHS recently won us the ‘Collaboration with the NHS’ award at the 2018 Medilink East Midlands Business Awards. Our work with the Children’s Heartbeat Trust and Clark Clinic at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children proved that video conferencing can provide major assistance in the post-operative care and monitoring of patients, in this instance for babies and small children with major congenial heart conditions.

You can read more about the Medilink Awards here.

Digital Health

We’re continuing to develop our solutions, from now being completely white labeled/customisable to suit your organisation, to further developing apps and much more. We know technology can massively help the NHS continue to deliver the best possible care.

You can read more about our work with the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children & Children’s Heartbeat Trust here. You can also read more about the future of Telemedicine here.

For more information you can visit our healthcare page, or contact us on, 0330 300 0000, or our contact page.