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The WHSCT has been using Questmark for video conferencing cervices for many years. This new platform is another very major step change in how we conduct our business and we are already realising significant benefit from it both internally and through communications with patients/ clients.
Fergal Durey, Assistant Director of ICT and Telecommunications, Western Health and Social Care Trust
There is no doubt that clinical video conferencing is making a major contribution to delivering a neurology service. Since its introduction we've dealth with around 1000 acute admissions, seen 800 people with epilepsy, 500 outpatients and 100 review patients.
Dr Victor Patterson, Northern Ireland Teleneurological Service
The success of the service has proved that video conferencing can provide major assistance in the post-operative care and monitoring of babies and small children with major congenial heart conditions.
Dr Brian McCrossan, Clinical Research Fellow in Paediatric Cardiology, Royal Belfast Hospital