Complimentary Room Hardware.

Visconn can operate from any device with a camera, whether you’re utilising the app or online portal, you can access Visconn on your phone, tablet or laptop. However, for the ultimate high-quality solution we have a variety of world class hardware partners, such as Cisco, Sony, Samsung and Yealink. Below is a selection of our most popular bundles, but if you require a tailored quote, contact a member of the team and they will provide you with your unique proposal.

Exec - Desktop Video

Video on your desktop. Now that would be brilliant.
Feature Set
  • Integrated device - Ability to install in minutes

  • Clarity - 1080p High-definition Video

  • Enjoyable experience - Touch display provides intuitive meeting journeys

  • Personal - Designed for a single user

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Huddle Room

Video enable even the smallest of spaces.
Feature Set
  • Tamper proof - Self contained compact single video unit

  • Clarity - 1080p High-definition Video

  • Plug and Play - Power over Ethernet

  • Pixel clear - Single professional 43" Display

  • Huddle mentality - Designed for 2 to 4 Users
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Handpicked optimised video engines
ensure the best manufacturers touch your room solutions.

Meeting Room

Video enable even the smallest of spaces.
Feature Set

Sleek, compact design - Tucked nicely away in a corner

Clarity - 1080p High-definition Video

Be heard - Dual microphone option

Pixel clear - Single professional 49" Display

Meetings, made easy - Designed for 5 to 8 Users

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Conference Room

No space too big, no bundle too small.
Feature Set

There's no hiding - 12x Optical zoom camera

Clarity - 1080p High-definition Video

Be heard - Dual microphone array

Pixel clear - Dual professional 49" Display

Collaboration on mass - Designed for 8+ Users

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The devil is in the detail

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Meeting Registration

Make your hardware your default device to ramp up return on investment.

Asymmetric Views

Our video engine provides the same view to all our bundles, encouraging confidence through familiarity.


All of our bundles leave us with a three year warranty. Now that's peace of mind.

Touch Me

Huddle, Meeting and Conference bundles are available with an integrated touch panel to aid user journeys.

Content Sharing

Share secondary information straight into your meeting via any of the bundles.


Want it just to work? All our bundles can be purchased with installation.

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